The act of a woman shitting on a glass table while their parner lays underneath them and punches the clown to this beautiful sight
that guy got stalloned yo!
by clownpunch October 08, 2006

- To do something in a forcefull manner, usually against someone's will

- To do something that stalone might have once done
I'm gonna ask you one more time and then I'm gonna stallone that orange juice.
by pcaponerit December 29, 2005
A player in halo that runs out on his own without consulting his teammates.
St Ides Swilla-"goddamnit johnson, quit running out and being such a stallone"
Burkhartz-"Where was my goddamn coverfire"
by Nate734 January 26, 2008
to blow smoke inadvertently in someone's immediate direction.
Paul's wife accidentally got stalloned when she walked in on him hot boxing the garage.
by norftown702 January 22, 2009
Nonchalant reference to a booger that is hanging (sometimes for dear life) from your nostril, ie. a cliffhanger. A good way to let someone know indirectly that they've got a booger hanging on, without everyone around you knowing what you're referencing.
"Man, you've got a Stallone hanging from your nose", or if you are in mixed company "Hey man, you've got a Stallone".
by ErinBear April 06, 2009

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