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when you or your opponent bet over the top in a game of texas hold em.

a homage to the classic sylvester stallone 80s flick, over the top.
you know you have successfully 'stalloned' your opponent when he/she folds at the sheer amazement of your ridiculous sized bet.
by robot_ January 21, 2006
When an individual has become so intoxicated, usually with a combination of alcohol and marijuana, that they begin to resemble Sylvester Stallone in speech and appearance.

Symptoms include: slurred speech, being exceedingly difficult to understand, and drooping of lower lip or eyelids giving the impression of partial face paralysis.
Onlooker:"Hey everybody, Joel is Stalloned!"

Joel: "Meh.... Dawhy is duuuhbeer guh duh dere?..... Yo Adrian... uuuuh... beer"
by ThaMoxie February 18, 2010
To get stoned alone, getting high with oneself.
My buddies went home early so I popped "Grandma's Boy" into the DVD player and got stalloned.
by Loose Mortar March 07, 2011
Another term for OWNED. Used when yelling at your friends in vent after they got destroyed in a video game.
HAHAHA Noxx just got jumped by 4 rogues. He got STALLONED!
by Supermarioo December 27, 2006
to be under the influence drugs and act like stallone
jake was totally stalloned after smokin that ****
by abernethy May 30, 2005
Dude, I hit the 6 footer and now I'm totally stalloned
by yessum July 21, 2003
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