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Having a full shedule, being very busy; no free time.
Joe:You wanna go see the new shoot'em'up at the big screen?

Bob:I can't dude, I'm totally stacked....
by reki price October 18, 2007
Being really really stoned to the point where you can not think correctly.
Damn I smoked all that brush and now I am stacked!!
by Joshua Lang January 08, 2008
Lots of paper work (homework)
"Sorry can't, im totally stacked in english"

"We're stacked tonight"
by Waxon2241 September 26, 2007
When a bong and or other smoking utensil is filled with smoke from the previous hit and awaits the next hit.
"yo Andros this shit is stacked high for your ass"
by Darius Lerup October 07, 2007
"Stacked" a the past tense verb, as in "He has stacked."

It means to crash, specifically on a skateboard.
Dude, I swear he was like thirty feet in the air, doing this awesome nose grab, then he stacks it.
by Cap'n Awesome May 05, 2005
Having massive chestacles, reffered to a female, or even possibly a shemale, and when being insulting, a fat guy.
Sweet fuck that slut is stacked!
by megajosh2 February 25, 2007
To crash an automobile.
"This evo stacked over the northern hill road last night"
by Erelyes June 28, 2007