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one who has it all.
man, he's the guy you need to meet. he's stacked.
by stoutkidz. March 08, 2011
9 2
In the military, while seeing someone either in person or in a picture of the dress uniform with many ribbons that they had achieved.
Damn Sir!? How many wars have you been in? You're stacked!
by FoxtrotMyLima October 23, 2011
13 10
a woman who is top heavy in one way or another; or even bottom heavy if you want to consider that stacked.
amanda is very stacked up top,and it drives me nuts
by smothpoker December 01, 2008
45 47
The only word to express extreme awesomeness, beauty, and satisfaction.
1. Check that car, it's stacked!
2. Look its Kelly, she's stacking awesome.
3. Did you hear that song? Beats were stacked.
by ljwizzzzz April 29, 2009
32 36
To be under the influence of two substances. Marijuana and alcohol. With Marijuana you are Blazed or High, and with Alcohol you are drunk, or wasted. When you combined the two together you put both of then on top of another, or stacking them, hence forth you being, Stacked
"Dude, once i did that bong hit i got so stacked"
by Dieweak73 May 12, 2008
14 19
1.To be beyond belief, to be pleasing, cool/great
2. having a large bust/boobage
1. Did u c the wheelie I did on the Highway?? That was so stacked!

2. She's only popular wit' the boyz cuz she's totally stacked!
by EJayne November 26, 2007
8 17
Having lots of money on your persons.
I'm very stacked in the pockets.
by ganjadaddy May 27, 2008
13 23