Fucking über band, that has disbanded, which really sucks. Buy their albums while you still have a chance.
Stabbing Westward is a fucking awesome band.
by Sonya September 21, 2003
Top Definition
The absolute best band, they are most commonly defined as INDUSTRIAL METAL. Their current album is okay, but nothing can ever beat their original ones. The songs range in style, while almsot every song has a very dark undertone, and incredibly well written lyrics. They touch on things that other bands dont, and do an absolutely incredible job of it.
DJ Chronos loves Stabbing Westward very very much.
"The song 'Guilty' is NOT by Stabbing Westward, but is by Gravity Kills."
by DJ Chronos November 15, 2003
a bad that kicks so much ass theres no point trying to give an impression of just how much ass they kick. not to mention, the lead singer is fuckin hott.
stabbing westward is god.
by phjls83 July 31, 2003
The greatest band. Ever.
Seifer heard Stabbing Westward in a Max Payne mod, and felt compelled to buy all of their albums.
A great industrial band hailing from my hometown of Chicago. Although their current self-titled album is kind of cool, it blows in comparison to their others: "Ungod", "Wither, Blister, Burn & Peel", and "Darkest Days".
"...My rage.... My pain... I hate... My darkest days... My darkest days..."

"Everything I touch, I break..."
by Darkest Days May 10, 2003
An über band, go buy their albums god dammit.
Stabbing Westward if fuckin über, and kicks all a your pop lovin' asses!
by Sonya August 18, 2003
a band to not listen to when you are depressed.
"hey that stabbing westward cd is pretty cool..."

Guy: "fuck you"
by Jessly November 10, 2005
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