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A beautiful lush island with a diverse climate and habitat on each end. Gorgeous rainforests on one half and desert on the other. Don't ever go out after dark, the locals are crack dealing whatever. The ghetto islanders glow at night. The beach is the most serene white sandy beach with a huge popular coral reef out from Divi Beach. Also if you are hungry don't go to the restaurants with an empty belly and starving... it will take the Islander server for fucking ever to get to your table because there is NO urgency on the Islnd. "Slo Mon" was a road sign on the roads. The best laid back non uptight vacation spot. Nice little secret. Be careful not to let the locals tell you your luggage will be there in a minute. CAUSE it will take till the next day to finally get it. It is a beautiful Island in the Carribbean 60 mile from the equater.
I want to go to St. Croix for vacation to get away from all hussle and bussel.

The snorkeling in St. Croix is fantastic!
by Jesslie June 12, 2008