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One of the most amazing cities on earth. St. Augustine is the oldest inhabited city in America, and regardless of what a lot of ignorant fools will tell you, you will have a blast and never want to leave. It is simply stunning, with beautiful beaches and so much more. It is probably the best city in Florida, and the ghost tour is amazing. All in all, it's just a stunning place to go, and there are so many things to do. You'll always want to come back, and you will never forget it.
St. Augustine is one of the most amazing places to exist.
by VacuumCalculator August 23, 2009
Absolutely amazing city in Florida. Oldest city in the United States. Crazy amounts of history. The fact that it's so old/haunted makes it even more appealing. Tons of awesome things to do. The city has an abundant amount of quaint, novel shops. Tons of delicious places to eat. Also, along with Savannah, GA, St.Augustine is one of the most haunted cities in the US. I'm a Floridian, and my family takes weekend trips to this city at least 2 or 3 times a year. It NEVER gets old. Overall totally awesome, and one of my favorite places in Florida.
Just saw St. Augustine on Ghost Hunters the other day.
by tallulah20 April 28, 2011
Nation's oldest city. Historic, beautiful, tourist-y... gorgeous beaches, bayfront, historic buildings, "hauntings", ghost tours, horse and carriage, Casa Monica, Flagler College.
St Augustine is also known as St. Auggie doggie!
by Saridavis August 28, 2008
A school well known for black student in Blackbrook, St.Helens.
'Hey, i went too St augustines yesterday, i saw this guy called Josh green, he's so black.'
by Lewis heaton February 25, 2010
Another word for Fucked up.
often used by the pupils of the school, and street thugs.
St.augustines is often refered to the slag shack, and is home to more than 50,000 whores.
Jake emery is just one of the many pimps in the slut hole.
"Dude you are really st.augustines"


"Oh my god, thats totally st.augustines'd up"


"you just st.augustines'd"
by Alan parr lane May 20, 2009
Most boring town eveer!!!!
theres nothing to do here accept hang downtown and cuse out tourists
Girl:so were do you live?
Guy:oh in st.augustine
Girl:Were the fuck is that?
by MaddMuffin August 28, 2008
filled with old people and tourists. it's probably one of the most boring places you could everr come across in florida. or anywhere else for that matter.
what confuses us is that people travel many miles to come see the historic sights and to us it is so so, very lame.
old man: i love it hear in st. augustine
teenager: *shoots herself*
by kristenndudee October 18, 2008
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