n. A stanger is someone who really sucks at pool. However, it can generalize to someone who simply sucks at life.

Jeremiah, you are such a fucking stanger for losing your insulin.
by iurgerhgh February 11, 2009
1. The antitesis of all that Metallica is / was.
2. The act of a once talented band self imploding with massive unfortunate casualties (ie the loyal fans).
St. Anger marked the painful end of a thrash metal dynasty
by Brad666 December 06, 2007
The upper crust of performance cars, ie, those that can defeat a 'Stang in a race.
I saw a 'Vette up ahead of my 'Stang, so I didn't bother to catch up to it, just to get blown away. The 'Vette is definitely a 'Stanger.
by Hot Rod Stewart May 20, 2006
Metallica's latest album. It has been given a lot of heat lately because there are still stubborn people clinging on to napster. It isn't their greatest album, and i could have been a lot better with just a few minor changes:
better mixed and tuned drums
better lyrics
add guitar solos
metallica's new album is st.anger
by alec November 06, 2004
1) The WORST Metallica album in existance.

2) Another word for shit, gay, crap, fucked, fucked up, fucking shit, piece of shit, or a replacment for any other word that means shit, gay, crap, fucked, fucked up, fucking shit, piece of shit etc.

2) My RE teacher is St. Anger the teacher.
My parents are St Anger.
This game is St. Anger the game.
by EPIC FAIL!! September 17, 2008
By far the most under rated album ever. Many people claim that Metallica sold out because they tried a different style. But I say to these people, listen to Kill Em' All, then listen Ride The Lightning. There is a definite difference between the two albums. Metallica has always been known to change their styles with each album. And that's a good thing. Bands need to evolve. If they sound exactly the same on every album, what's the point of owning every album. Metallica has never sold out with any album. Any true fan of Metallica would know this.
Person: Have you heard the last Metallica album St. Anger. I am a die hard fan of Metallica but this album sucks.
Me:Why did it suck.
Person: Because it was different from their other albums.
Me: And... Did Black Album sound anything like Kill Em' All.
Person: No...
Me: Tell me. If every album sounds the same what's the point of owning them all. I suggest you listen and actually try to like St Anger.
by Okita-Kun June 05, 2005
Metallica: Album, 2003.

Not the worst Metallica album (but almost). Could have been alot better.

It's downfall was Lars Ulrich. But Lars is the downfall of every questionable Metallica release (see, 'dodgy drumming, and justice for all').

Lars Ulrich should be killed by a giant dust bin.
"that dude just fell down the stairs into those bins"

"sounded a bit like st. anger"
by gnarcheese February 28, 2005

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