(n.) A legacy-stricken, rich suburban boy's heaven in the ghetto of North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Football is life and death (with good reason, because if SJP students ever took the time to look at something else other than their football team, they would find themselves ridiculously unpleasantly surprised at their rich, and downright girlish snob).

Generally, SJP kids can be identified by their ability and cunning to put someone down because they are a) poorer than he, b)not an SJP student, or c) homosexual, because they're all incredibly Catholic young men who are too far from their suburban churches (ABVM, St. Denis) and they always need to to identify someone else as gay to purge their friends and Catholic allies of all doubt that they, in fact, are themselves. Sometimes, generally the younger ones, will travel in packs and laugh as loudly as they can, clad in their occasionally popped sports coat collars and overstuffed schoolbags (at least alot of the time, they're smart).

The school itself is extremely exclusive, which would be reasonable if they didn't recruit football players that couldn't read and basketball players that have to be coached by a Roman Catholic High School graduate, and former LaSalle University coach, Speedy Morris.

Possibly the oddest thing about an SJP student is his ability to put down others, but to never own up to his actions/follow up his threats. Take, for example, a group of SJP kids on a bus, yelling at Roman Catholic XC runners, who are walking to the EL like big boys, as the bus drives away. Or, also, the famed SJP students are tantalizing one or a few students from another school, whom they greatly outnumber, and as soon as one of the these poor souls singles out an SJP student, and is able to communicate a good comeback, the SJP students, who have either a)threatened to fight the non-SJP loyalists, b)accused him of homosexual behavior, or c)talked about how much he "sucks" and how his school "sucks dick" , immediately turn on their confidant, and even, in a few cases (if the odds are not too great in favor of SJP), when the soul defender of his kind hits one of the SJP students, his friends to not come to his aid, instead, they have--in the past--let these brave guys walk away. It's after events like this that SJP students reaffirm their happiness with the facts that they have daddy and mommy to run home to, with their bmws and minivans and their upper darbys, broomalls, and havertowns.

In short, SJP is good for people that aren't of the "priveleged line," or "new royal blood." People that come from poor neighborhoods, however, or from challenging backgrounds, should attend, because it truly does look outstanding on a college app (whether or not it has ever produced anything other than assholes is up for debate, however the popular belief by everyone that hasn't gone there, is that it hasn't, and everyone that does--a consdierably smaller number--is that it just makes you amazingly better than just about everyone else on the face of our small, conceited.)
SJP student #1: Hey, man, I like your ride. I guess you turned 16?

SJP student #2: Yeah, but I totally wanted the convertible. I feel like such a slob in a Saab, too.

#1: You wanted the convertible?! You're a FAG! GIRLS want convertibles, dude! FAG! GAY! BUTT SEX! PENISES IN PLACES I CERTAINLY NEVER PUT THEM!

#2: I don't have to put up with this, man. That's totally like a black/hispanic/poor thing to have to put up with our shit. Let's go find some other people to mess with, and then when they fight back, we can run away like the toddlers we act like.

#1: YEAH! man. and then we're SO going to not take public transportation. this really has the making of a good night, dude!
by An enemy of every Prep August 11, 2005
Top Definition
1.The only school where you can literally go anywhere in the world, shout the words "Yeah Prep!" and someone will turn around and return the favor.
2.The only prep school that doesn't have to argue that it is the "real" prep by posting online or making shirts(Malvern), because, quite simply, if you say "The Prep," no one thinks of Malvern, Devon, etc., etc.
-Did you go to the Prep?
-No, Lasalle.
-(Receives swift kick to the crotch and prompt beating)
by TheHawkWillNeverDie May 02, 2005
st. joe's prep

A private all boys school located in a getto in North Philadelphia. It is known by everyone as THE PREP. Its the only high school in the world where the older and uglier your clothes are the cooler you are. We win erything from football to forensics to bolling and basketball to mock trial. Theres nothing we dont excell in. Every Prep guy bleeds Prep pride and is always cheering the loudest at the end of any dance, prom or mixer. Only school that has mixers with a 3-1 girl to guy ratio. You can always heer our loud obnoxious cheers at any PREP event, and every spectator is always wearing his PREP gear. ITS THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH. LaSalle wants to be just like it but knows it can never live up to THE PREP's glory.
THE PREP, St. Joseph's Preparatory School - theirs nothing else like it!
by Mike April 19, 2005
The owners of the factories and businesses where all the other guys from other high schools like Lasalle, Roman, Bonner, and most notably Ohara will be working for the rest of their God forsaken lives.
Ohara kid "Dude i cant belive i work for a Prep kid"
Prep kid "If you dont shut your mouth, you are going back on welfare"
Ohara kid "Im your bitch"
A very prestigious high school in Philadelphia. The very best are picked out of many and chosen to attend this school. Others who do not make the cut are jealous, and decide to make fun of them. The truth is, they are better than all of you.
LaSalle, Malvern, Devon, and Roman... you can all just go suck a giant dick.
by For Real Though March 05, 2005
The school where all the cool guys go. It is so much better than any other school.
St. Joe's Prep is a lot better than that faggot ass school lasalle
by lasalle is gay April 26, 2004
Where all the hott guys go.
"My boyfriend goes to the prep."
"Lucky bitch."
by <3 prep March 20, 2005
School in philadelphia. As a rule every single prep guy must at all times be wearing a article of clothing that says prep on it. Prep kids must also announce there presence somewhere by repeating the word "prep" over and over again. They are very insecure and they feel the need to tell everyone that prep is the best thing since sliced bread. Once you go to the prep you are no longer an individual you a part of "the prep"
A prep kid can usually be spotted by the PREP sweatshirt. Other signs are the inability to go the bathroom alone
by Truth February 13, 2005
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