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1.The only school where you can literally go anywhere in the world, shout the words "Yeah Prep!" and someone will turn around and return the favor.
2.The only prep school that doesn't have to argue that it is the "real" prep by posting online or making shirts(Malvern), because, quite simply, if you say "The Prep," no one thinks of Malvern, Devon, etc., etc.
-Did you go to the Prep?
-No, Lasalle.
-(Receives swift kick to the crotch and prompt beating)
by TheHawkWillNeverDie May 02, 2005
The school that gets raped by St. Joe's Prepin everything so often, that when their moms change their tampons to stop the anal bleeding, they have to use the jumbo size. See also pussy.
-Could you find LaSalle High School?
-Yes. It was hard at first with the sign missing, but it was the only school around that teaches walking vaginas.
by TheHawkWillNeverDie May 02, 2005

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