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A type of drunkenness where one is a sleep standing on their feet. The srunk person will still have the ability to randomly participate in conversations but only conversation of interest to them. Their input will usually be an animal noise. The most commonly used is barking.

A srunk person will usually have consumed buckfast and/or Bulmers (buckets of) followed by a an unhealthy dose of vodka
Person A: “ should have seen the state of Barry last night!”
Person B: “ why? Was he in a bad way?”
Person A: “ Man he was Srunk!”
by bowlardo July 10, 2011
Sober + drunk = srunk
A feeling or description of someone who acts as if they're drunk although they're completely sober.

"Did you see David in class today? He was acting like such a srunk!"

I didn't even drink at the party but I'm feeling so srunk.
by équipelivid August 27, 2013
contraction of "sloppy drunk"
Cassie woke up in the morning still intoxicated from getting srunk last night.
by SugardaddyKBM April 23, 2009
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