liquidised thru posteria for very alarming results. not something one would like wen in the company of a very beautiful specimen!
do u want us to show u or summink???
by durchfall April 13, 2004
Top Definition
Squits or Squirty Shit as it's more commonly known.
He had just enjoyed a great curry and felt the need to pass some wind as an appreciation but what he thought was a fart, was instead soemthing a lot heavier.....

His trousers were now full to brimming with the squits and of the most rancid, dead rat smelling type aswell.
by Jonathan June 21, 2004
The Squits: to have liquid poop accompanied by a burning feeling in the ring Leaving you feeling some what emotional and vulnerable for the remainder of the day
Gee coach i cant play in the game tonight on account of i got the Squits


Soz lads cant go to the pub cos iv got the squits
by Barry Pap April 29, 2003
When you think you're going to fart, but liquid shit squirts out of your ass leaving you with shitted pants and a mile away from the nearest toilet.
I thought i had some gas, but when i felt the warm shit i knew i had the squits.
by gooz January 12, 2004
A not so compact shit. In fact a rather loose stool! The word is a cross between Squelch and shit, to literally mean Squelchy shit.
Oh dear! I seem to have the Squits today!
by Rob, Dan and Chalky August 12, 2006
Often thought to be a fart, turns out to be a small amount of diarrhea smeared between the ass cheeks or in a projectile fashion staining the underwear.
Oh man, that fart was juicy. I gotta go check my pants cuz I think I just squit.
by eye4eye February 17, 2008
Rubbish, garbage, nonsense (Suffolk)
That other definition of the word "squit" is a load of squit
by Peckerhead March 10, 2004
A contraction combining "just" and "quit". Used when someone does something stupid. Can also be used as a comment on a MySpace picture, especially when the person tries too hard to be cooler, prettier, or generally more attractive than they really are. Can be used anytime "just quit" is appropriate.
Person 1: horrible dancing
Person 2: "'squit"

White person 1: "yo"
White person 2: "'squit"

Nerd 1: posts a picture of themselves on MySpace in which they try to be cool
Nerd 2: comments saying 'squit
by Ally Bally :) June 13, 2009
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