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Terrible diarrhea that takes the form of a chunky, hot liquid gushing from your anus. May be caused by a horrific stomach bug, killer disease or vindaloo. Often accompanied by stomach cramps and a sinking feeling of hopelessness.

Not to be confused with explosive diarrhea which erupts with force, the squits are more of a steady trickle.

If you have the squits you will need to confine yourself to the toilet for at least 24 hours armed with a good supply of toilet paper, some Gatorade (for rehydration purposes) and some porno to stop yourself getting bored during the long shitting sessions.
Man: Hey Tony, where have you been for the last week?

Tony: Oh yeah, I came down with a terrible case of the squits. My arse feels like a tattered sleeve from all the wiping.

Man: Ew.
by tonymcguff May 14, 2010
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