When you think you're going to fart, but liquid shit squirts out of your ass leaving you with shitted pants and a mile away from the nearest toilet.
I thought i had some gas, but when i felt the warm shit i knew i had the squits.
by gooz January 12, 2004
Top Definition
Squits or Squirty Shit as it's more commonly known.
He had just enjoyed a great curry and felt the need to pass some wind as an appreciation but what he thought was a fart, was instead soemthing a lot heavier.....

His trousers were now full to brimming with the squits and of the most rancid, dead rat smelling type aswell.
by Jonathan June 21, 2004
The Squits: to have liquid poop accompanied by a burning feeling in the ring Leaving you feeling some what emotional and vulnerable for the remainder of the day
Gee coach i cant play in the game tonight on account of i got the Squits


Soz lads cant go to the pub cos iv got the squits
by Barry Pap April 29, 2003
A not so compact shit. In fact a rather loose stool! The word is a cross between Squelch and shit, to literally mean Squelchy shit.
Oh dear! I seem to have the Squits today!
by Rob, Dan and Chalky August 12, 2006
Often thought to be a fart, turns out to be a small amount of diarrhea smeared between the ass cheeks or in a projectile fashion staining the underwear.
Oh man, that fart was juicy. I gotta go check my pants cuz I think I just squit.
by eye4eye February 17, 2008
Rubbish, garbage, nonsense (Suffolk)
That other definition of the word "squit" is a load of squit
by Peckerhead March 10, 2004
A contraction combining "just" and "quit". Used when someone does something stupid. Can also be used as a comment on a MySpace picture, especially when the person tries too hard to be cooler, prettier, or generally more attractive than they really are. Can be used anytime "just quit" is appropriate.
Person 1: horrible dancing
Person 2: "'squit"

White person 1: "yo"
White person 2: "'squit"

Nerd 1: posts a picture of themselves on MySpace in which they try to be cool
Nerd 2: comments saying 'squit
by Ally Bally :) June 13, 2009

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