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What you call a cute boy who's face looks very squishy and makes you want to pinch his cheeks repeatedly
"I just want to go over and pinch that boys cheeks soo bad, squishy face for sure!"
by Brandi Delhiii November 22, 2011
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Retarded people who update thier facebook status every 5 fucking seconds saying how they have the most amazing bf/gf when they really have only been dating them for 2 goddamn weeks.
by POed Social networker August 07, 2010
what you see when you look at taylor swift.
taylor swift has one hell of a squishy face.
by McCawley November 30, 2009
A) Someone with a face that can be squished like mush by hands
B) When a face is squished into a kissing motion
*Hands mush cheeks together of opposing person*
"Awww you're a squishyface!"
by Sexypants17 June 30, 2009
cesarina is a prime example of a squishy face.
cesarina your a squishy face, because I say your a squishy face.
by Johnny Berger March 15, 2007

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