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Term used in WOW and similar MMORPG's to describe a character/class, who/which has low max health points.
"Fuck! My mage is so squishy, like three hits and he's toast!"
by Namrats January 13, 2010
When in a situation and you can't really think of anything else to say, just use it as a verb like, "wow, thats squishy...". It really catches people off guard, and kind of lightens up any situation!
Bill: Hey man! My dog just died, i got fired, and my wife left me all in the same week! But how have you been?

Bob: Well, I've been squishy.

(catches off guard and lightens mood, kind of a buffer word)
by zem88 January 04, 2010
What is commonly known as a biological lifeform from the perspective of artifical intelligence.
In general terms, the word squishy is what a robot would typically call a human in the form of a racial slurr.
by choopee October 03, 2006
I shall name him squishy, and he shall be my squishy, and he shall be my lunch
says Bakura to the cow
by daHawk August 14, 2004
Balls on boys; especially if they're ususally large.
"I don't want to hum on your squishy!"
by Lauren is the shit March 15, 2008
a guys dick before he gets aroused
I wanted to play with Ruslan's squishy...but by the time I got his pants off, it was as hard as a rock! So I guess I was upset THAT way...but I was rewarded anyways ;)~
by Ruslan's secret lover May 06, 2006
a really soft pillow that feels real awsome u practicly sink into to it and squishy's rock
I bought a squishy pillow the other day and its like the best pillow ever
by mobid weasle March 16, 2005