only the most awesometastic and newest emotion!!! its a real emotion!!! its a combination of lots of emotions!!! u can be squishy and depressed or squishy and happy!!!! squishy is happy and sad and lots more!!!!

P.S. i didnt make this up, the invention of this emotion goes to my entire class
some phyciatrist: and how do u feel today
me: SQUISHY!!!!
by josh is awesometastic November 12, 2006
Top Definition
Someone of a huggable nature.
Ooooooh you're so SQUISHY!
by ElfinMama August 19, 2005
In the gaming world, a character who dies constantly.
A debt magnet on City of Heroes.
"My ice/ice blaster is so squishy! I have 110k debt!!"
by 1337 Pwnz0r August 11, 2005
really cute old people
typically little old men
by debbiexohno April 22, 2010
A word with a meaning very similar to "cute". When you see something really cute, such as a baby, you may want to smoosh, squeeze, rip it's head off, eat it ("you're so cute i could eat you up!"), or squish it, hence, squishy. Can also be used as a verb (to squish). Often accompanied by a spaz: a;sdlkfja;sldkfj;asdlkfja;sdlkf

OMG ur so fucking squishy i'm gonna rip ur head off
by zara binds piss March 02, 2006
A filter coffee made using a AeroPress coffee maker or similar.

as the coffee is squashed through the machine and into a cup. you end up with an amazing Squishy coffee
could I order a Squishy please.
by dg83 June 20, 2016
I shall name him squishy, and he shall be my squishy, and he shall be my lunch
says Bakura to the cow
by daHawk August 14, 2004
A girl/women that is appropriately proportioned to look really sexy. Not skinny so that she needs a sandwich but not BBW.

Squishy should invoke the underlying desire to bite the girl/women. One should be able to bite and get enough of a bite so that it is a sexy bite and does not hurt too much. A good rule of thumb is at least a 1" fold.

Squishy is a very good complement on a women's figure.
Man did you you see Jill she is really squishy, I want to bite her. But dude Patricia could really use a sandwich.
by The Peasant King December 13, 2012
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