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When a person or persons are too trashed to argue, they will use a water gun (normally used on misbehaving cats) to settle arguments.
"Bitch was so drunk she was squirting me with her cat gun."
by jess and jen January 26, 2010
337 408
when a woman has an orgasm with female ejaculate. Also used when pushing spunk out of pussy or ass.
the gaping woman squirted all the cum aut of her ass into the face of an icebear. Icebears dont like that. Dolphins however, like it. A lot.
by kukel June 13, 2003
865 613
Some women(often the most unlikely)can produce vast quantities of female lovejuice during sex.The whores love showing off but the funniest are the shy types who insist they must have wet themselves and try to hide in the wardrobe.
"She was a real squirting queen!Never mind the sheets it took 3 days for the matress to bloody dry!!"
by Bloomers September 13, 2007
592 530
Splash of fluid from a woman's vagina area. Few women have squirted.
m: whoa, did you pee or squirt?

M: do you enjoy squirting?
F: yes your doing it right:) but go harder and faster this time. I love your 'palm job technique.' My friends need to Google it.
by jess911 January 21, 2014
27 14
When a female has been masturbating or having sex, she feels like she needs to pee. This is called an orgasm. The female pushes like she needs to pee and a clear,odourless liquid squirts out of her vagina. This is known as squirting. Not all girls can do it, so your lucky if you can!
as she carried on fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit, she felt the need to pee. She knew she was close and keep going. Suddenly she stopped, a hot wet clear liquid squirting out of her pussy as she did. Her juices going everywhere. She regretted not putting some towels down as her bed is now soaked.
by girl who can squirt every time February 28, 2014
10 5
The act of enjoying the cold delicious soft drink Squirt.
Did you see those girls squirting in there? I wonder if they have any more of those?

My girlfriend was totally squirting last night. She said she was giving up soda for Lent, but I guess not.
by BadBoyAl March 02, 2010
287 432
when a GREAT tasting love juice is produced and squirts out of her pussy and surrounds her vagina mud flaps with a wet slippery SAUCE. when she has an orgasm and she makes the females drink it and stick it in their mouths and the other one licks around in the newly explored VAGINA!!
my girl got all up in my mouth and she made me slurp up her little squirting session but i loved it
by whorey woman December 26, 2007
332 495