Ejaculating furiously in short, rhythmic burts.
I was blastin my squirt gun at the back of this chick's head at the game last night
by Your Mom April 10, 2005
Top Definition
Slang for a penis because as one cums, (unless you're really fucking old or have had some sort of injury) the first few orgasms squirt.
Johnny McWarguy: Hey Jen, wanna see my squirt gun?
Jen: Uhhhm... ok?
Johnny McWarguy: *unzips pants and squirts his load in Jen's face*
Jen: ...I'm going to kill you.
by Johnny McWarguy April 30, 2008
When a female (or transgender or pre-op) ejaculates from their vagina. The vagina can then be called a 'squirt gun'.
"want to see me ejaculate from my squirt gun?"
" :D "
by coco69 August 12, 2012
A playful term junkies sometimes use to refer to syringes.
Which pharmacies in this town sell squirtguns over the counter?
by megacure June 15, 2010
Girl who squirts several times during intercourse.
Jennifer was a squirt gun last night during sex.
by Squirt.Gun.Owner October 15, 2010
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