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Being both excited enough by something to squee, yet embarrassed/intimidated enough to eep. The warm feeling you get when someone compliments you heavily, while at the same time feeling uncomfortable with all the attention and praise. The feeling you get when you've landed a really challenging, exciting, yet intimidating job. Root words, squee + eep.

Also: squeeped, squeeping, squeepy.
"I totally squeeped when he told me he'd never seen eyes as pretty as mine. I've never had a guy tell me that, before."

"You should have seen him squeeping about landing that contract--when he wasn't bouncing off the walls with joy, he was wide-eyed with worry over all the things he would have to do."
by Ladyofthemasque September 01, 2006
To fire someone from their job for no valid reason.
Right out of the blue, my boss called me into his office, and squeeped me. I will sue.
by No Fair August 21, 2004
When something both squirts and weeps simultaneously. Used to discribe a stealthy fart or a shart. It is also used to
describe the dissension and ascension of Mario through pipes in Super Mario brothers.
" Just as Mario squeeped out of the pipe he got killed by that turtle. :( "

" When you werent around I squeeped out a ripe one!"
by Jeshi S November 20, 2008
v: to run and slide down a smooth hallway in your socks. or anywhere, in any footwear.

interjection/onomatopoeia: usually uttered after a particularly interesting description has been given for an action.
"dude, I almost fell because I tried to squeep into the kitchen, but I forgot I was wearing socks with grips on the bottom!"

-"i saw a biker make an amazing swerve around a bus today, those boston bus drivers are crazy!"
-"haha yeah, SQUEEEEEEP!"
by mondaysundshine February 16, 2010
To completely defeat someone, like "own" or "kick a**"
That mug squeeped me and took my money.
by Eyeman(o) September 06, 2006
A word that describes cutting infront of traffic at a merge on the way to Gonzaga College High school from Bethesda, MD.
I'm going to squeeps in front of that car.... SQUEEEEEEPSSS JOINT!!!
by nonamesarecurrentlyavailable1 August 10, 2006
This is a compound word for square Jeep. The 1988-1999 Jeep Cherokees were very square looking in design. Very straight lines. In 2000 they lost their edge, giving way to softer corners and curves, but now the 2008 is right back to being square.... squeep!
Look, there goes a 1994 Squeep.
by SquidsBabe February 04, 2008

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