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Being both excited enough by something to squee, yet embarrassed/intimidated enough to eep. The warm feeling you get when someone compliments you heavily, while at the same time feeling uncomfortable with all the attention and praise. The feeling you get when you've landed a really challenging, exciting, yet intimidating job. Root words, squee + eep.

Also: squeeped, squeeping, squeepy.
"I totally squeeped when he told me he'd never seen eyes as pretty as mine. I've never had a guy tell me that, before."

"You should have seen him squeeping about landing that contract--when he wasn't bouncing off the walls with joy, he was wide-eyed with worry over all the things he would have to do."
by Ladyofthemasque September 01, 2006
Something or someone that is so personally appealing, it makes you want to squee. Root words, squee + delicious.
"OMG, that guy working the counter is totally squeelicious! Did you see him smile at me?"
by Ladyofthemasque September 01, 2006
The state of being honestly, sincerely happy for someone else's good fortune--so happy that you could squee--yet also feeling just a little envious of it at the same time; an ambiguous feeling of excitement and envy. Root words, squee + envy.

Also includes: squeeenvious, squeeenvied.
"I'm feeling a touch of squeeenvy right now; my brother won tickets for a cruise ship, but he's taking Mom, not me!"

"When I heard she got a date with that cute guy behind the counter, I was totally squeeenvious of her good fortune. He wouldn't go out with me, but I am glad he's going out with her!"
by Ladyofthemasque September 01, 2006

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