A: A jelly fish like motion

B:The feeling you get after eating too much and feel as if you must roll yourself out of a restaurant.

C: Justin Bieber (squeebs)
A: Watch me squeeb to this song.

B: Whoa, i'm so full.. help me squeeb on out of here.

C: I love Justin Squeebs (the beebs).
by Nooch and Scrooch June 10, 2010
An undesirable person. A mixture of a skid a geek and a dweeb.
wow, that dude is a real squeeb.
by Rbanger January 09, 2010
A person who is utterly squeebish. they will A) chicken out B)run away and hide C) Makes oh so many excuses of why they cant do something. D) Goes to halloween parties dressed normal.(which is usually an insult =])
1. Amber completely squeebed out on wearing the funky hats: therefore she is such a squeeb.
by Jamber September 22, 2007
A cross between a scrub and a dweeb. Thus instead of being a "scrub dweeb" he/she is just a squeeb.
That squeeb doesn't know the difference between a foxy lady and his mother.
by MrMastodonFarm May 29, 2006
a vaginal fart
After a nice bang, my girl let out a squeeb.
by Elbert S. October 24, 2008
The physical act of taking a shit; dropping a deuce; pinching a loaf
I really have to squeeb after a giant bowl of baked beans.

We can't do squat thrusts right now as I have to take a huge squeeb.
by Trent Sherwood March 15, 2005
A small marijuana cigarette.
Man that squeebs not gonna get all of us high!
by citizensoldier71 January 31, 2004

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