1. A character in two comic books by Jhonen Vasquez, "Jhonny the Homicial Maniac" and "Squee!" Squee's real name is Todd Casil. He earned his nickname by the squealing sound he makes whenever he is frightened. Squee's parents hate him. His mom rarely remembers who he is, and his dad says that he ruined his life. They view him as a mistake. Sometimes they watch the tape of his birth in reverse, and they never do anything kind for him. Squee gets constantly made fun of in school. Sometimes the other boys and girls laugh at the stories he writes, even though some of them can't even read. His teacher is very cruel, too. Barely anyone is kind to him. However, Squee doesn't wish any bad on anyone, and thinks that his parents aren't bad people. Squee does have a few companions. One of them is his teddy bear, Shmee, who doesn't always give the best advice. Another one is Johnny (Nny for short). Nny is a homicidal maniac, and Squee thinks that he's kind of scary. Nny isn't mean to Squee, though. One time, he even saved him from a mall pedofile. Finally, there's Pepito, the Devil's son. Squee is also scared of Pepito. Oh, and there was Andy. Andy was Squee's friend until he was eaten by a dog one day. Not too much is known about him, though. I highly reccomend "Squee!" and other books by Jhonen Vasquez. If you're anything like me, you'll love them.
2. A squealing sound. Can be either happy or scared (in Squee's case, it's scared.)
3. A creature in a game called Myst III. (I don't know much about this kind of squee. I've seen pictures of them, before. They look kind of rodentish.)
1. "But... but daddy!! He's crazy like some kind of crazy thing that's all crazy!!" -Squee
2. "Squeeeee! Can you believe it? I won!" -someone who just won a contest and feels overjoyed
3. "I bought a squee plushie over the internet. They look so cute and cuddly!" -someone who bought a plushie of the rodentlike creature in Myst III
by Dib's Sister Gaz April 05, 2005
An exclamation of joy.
An expression of glee.
Guy 1: Dude, you won.
Guy 2: Squeee!!!!!
by babino_2 November 26, 2008
Fangasm created via excitement of visual stimulation.
Although widely known as a JTHM character and Manga reaction, it has also been known to be reference by The Rocky Horror Picture Show group sessions, which explains the -gasm part.

"I'm lucky, You're Lucky, WE'RE ALL LUCKY!" *squee!* "The Bannister's lucky!"
by D_Marx May 13, 2010
A Squirrel Going Up A Tree.
Did you see that squee?
by Nicoleebabeeexoxoxoxo July 27, 2010
The sound made by robots when beaten to death in the comic book series "Magnus, Robot Fighter".
The 'bot's failing circuitry produced a piercing "SQUEEeeee...." when Magnus dealt it a crushing blow.
by Otaku Kirk August 01, 2009
A sound that one makes in order to release the immense energy build up when one is excited as to stay earth bound. It happens when there are no other words to express the excitement of a squeal with the attention span of a squirrel!
<Insert girl's first name> was so excited that she met Nathan Fillion she squealed "Squee!"
by fionnasmom April 22, 2013
A happy, high-pitched sound made from one's oral region.
"I'm going to see my boyfriend tomorrow. SQUEE~"
by HeyMoonDontYouGoDown November 05, 2011
A boy/girl who incites a high pitched and excited squeal and an uncontrollable desire to squeeze and hug the other person. Usually used as a term of endearment as a way of avoiding cliches like honey, baby and muffin. 'Squee's' are often loveable, fond of strange dancing, easily excitable and can sometime have features like a monkey.
Oh Squee! who's a good boy?! I just want to squeeze your face off.

I was talking to Squee the other day and for an instant thought he had a ridiculous monkey face.
by Leopard86 October 25, 2010

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