The sound you make when you squeal. Is allways spelled "Squee!" with a capital "S" and two "e's and allways with one "!" Can also be used as a substitute for "Weee!" and the like. Online it can be used in place of *squeals*.
Squee! This is fun!
by Chasity July 31, 2003
A comic series by Jhonen Vasquez. Now put into a Trade Paperback for all of you to own.
"The 3 R's: Repetition, Redundancy, Repetition."
by Blitzfisch October 13, 2003
1. A character in the popular comic "Jonny the Homocidal Maniac"
2. An exclamation expressing extreme joy and/or realization
3. An alternative to "yes" or "thank you"
1. Person A: I just got the new JTHM!
Person B: Aw, look at Squee!
Person A: I know! He's so cute!
2. Person A: Hey, look over there!
Person B: What is it?
Person A: Grandma's here!
Person B: Squee!
3. Person A: Hey, there's still some pie left. You want it?
Person B: Squee!
by Phoebe Buffay March 22, 2006
An outburst of excitement recognizable by a high-pitched squeal that results in a small amount of peeing in ones pants. More commonly attributed to young girls.
OMG he just looked RIGHT. AT. ME. I totally squeed.
by DvaKotaca November 28, 2012
A character from Magic the Gathering books. He's a goblin serving on the Weatherlight.
Ertai: “It's a magical book.” Squee: “Am I smart enough ta use it?”
by _____________. May 16, 2010
A sound effect used in the TV Show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", usually accompanied by a character grinning.
A squee was heard after Fluttershy smiled
by Pgj1997 June 08, 2014
A Squee Is also commonly known as a or Square. A Square is a cigarette. The Term Squee is used by people, namely hipsters, too lazy to make all the sounds used in the word Square. Squee has more of a flow-like tone as it rolls off the tounge.
1. Ay Think I can bum a Squee off Yunz Guys?
2. I need a Squee or i'm going to have an anxiety attack
3. Lot's of models champ down Squees like it's their job, they keep you lean. Reduces Hunger.
4. Betsqueeee
by QvClass11' December 26, 2010
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