Something random to yell to fill in a space, or a creature shaped like a box with wings and a beak.
-what should we put here?
-squawk box!
by Shane February 22, 2005
Top Definition
n. Someone that talks overly much in an annoying screechy voice. They can usually imitate crows mating calls pretty good too.

Squawk Box: So this ooone time I was waaawking down the streeeet and I met this waaanderfawl guh-uyyy and I fehhhlll down a hawwwl and... *caww cawww*

Passer-by to friend: What a squawk box.
by jadamcmiles November 23, 2006
A sexual act in which a man noses a girl in her box
He gave her squawk box, he wont be able to smell anything but smelly vagina for weeks!
by Bobb89 October 03, 2007
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