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Laughing out loud at ...

Generally used when not actually laughing out loud and just pointing out something funny, or making fun of something.
LOL @ Greg, he smells.
LOL @ u suck at life.
LOL @ green poo.
LOL @ LOL @.
by jadamcmiles November 23, 2006
The overuse of emoticons in a conversation, usually on MSN with those annoying custom emoticons...
Ryan says: hi :D :D :D :D (custom emoticon) (custom emoticon)

Sophie says: Hey.

Ryan says: wuts (custom emoticon) up? :P ;) :O :O (custom emoticon custom emoticon)

Sophie says: Not a lot.

Ryan says: :D :D :D That (custom emoticon)is so KOOL!! (custom emoticon custom emoticon) :) :) :) :P :(

Sophie says: Stop the emoticon rape.
by jadamcmiles November 23, 2006
A site similar to Pictionary but online in which you draw pictures and guess the word while competing with 9 other people to get the most points.

a) The drawing portion.

b) Also home to some "interesting" chat rooms in which old men try to cyber lil girls.
1. Dude guys, lets go to iSketch, I'm bored.

a) I love iSketch, I totally beat everyone that round. "I sketch like a pro."

b) I get hot young gf on iSketch. I horny man. I sketchy.
by jadamcmiles November 23, 2006
An expression combining "hmm" and "what?"
Used when in confusion or doubt.
Paul: Agaga baalgajo ogishaooo igjaowii appa wwi hhhab htaihth.

Drew: Hmwha? (I don't understand your crazytalk)

Paul: I had some juicy awesome watermelon flavored sex with my boyfriend's ex platypus last night in my pontoon boat even though it was hailing.

Drew: Hmwha? (you're making this up, no one would do you.)
by jadamcmiles November 23, 2006
n. Someone that talks overly much in an annoying screechy voice. They can usually imitate crows mating calls pretty good too.

Squawk Box: So this ooone time I was waaawking down the streeeet and I met this waaanderfawl guh-uyyy and I fehhhlll down a hawwwl and... *caww cawww*

Passer-by to friend: What a squawk box.
by jadamcmiles November 23, 2006
The movie Black Hawk Down.
Shit son, lets go watch some bhd.
by jadamcmiles November 23, 2006

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