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Another word for friend.
My bestest squanky, I lovehyou.
by Lovelytoes June 04, 2007
12 3
A super solid person. Someone you can count on, also has the ability to spot all forms of bs. Keeps it real at all times.
Leroy was making bank on those fake Rolex's till he was called out by Renee the Squanky over there.
by Mark A Davis September 20, 2007
14 4
slang for the word "pal".
You're the greatest squanky in the world!
by Julie December 30, 2003
6 6
Acting in a bitchy, emotional, or weirdly off-putting manner. Usually a temporary incident, not typically used to describe someone's regularly demeanor.
"Sorry for being so squanky the other night, I wasn't in a good mood."
by Klark_Kent September 13, 2011
1 3