to hit something squarely, as though targeting a bullseye
The bitch knocked him squam in the nuts.
by desertfrog April 05, 2006
Verb used to describe any act of aggression including, hitting, kicking, stabbing, popping, puncturing, etc.
"You should consider squamming that zit on your face"

"I will squam you in the head with this brick"
by StevieHC October 17, 2007
an act of omitting any liquid out one's asshole or vagina, particularly after hot steamy unprotected sex
"After that nigga came in my pussy, i had to squam to get all nut out."

by bjboss March 28, 2009
the physical space between a girl's breasts, measured by finger widths while she's laying flat on her back. it is an absolute measure of value and cannot be contested in any court of law.
"i threw my dick in her squam and it felt like i was river rafting. i traversed squam canyon and came out breathing on the other side. also i had to dispense my cum in an oscillating fan kind of way, like it had to be dispensed properly so everyone could get a taste of it. the actors fuck that up all the time. but then again they were jerks in the first place.
When you don't have enough fingers anymore, it's time to get a new girl."
by grundleburke July 23, 2008
(Squ-am) posse, crew, clique; In reference to your close group of friends, this term is a hybrid of the words 'Squad' and 'Fam.'
Y'all are my ride or dies. Y'all my SQUAM.
by YesHelloItsMeSup July 31, 2016
A very close group of people that are both a squad and fam
"Who's the group of people you've been hanging out with?"

"That's my squam!"
by Even peters May 02, 2016
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