Close connection to valid- yet to be used in times of exceptional pleasure. Derived from the infamous 'Khalid Akhtar'. Can often be used as squal-heed.
-Mate, wouldn't it be great if England won the world cup?
-Yes, it would be unbelievably squalid.
by Goive December 29, 2004
Top Definition
1. Disgusting, revolting, dirty, foul.
2. (Slang) Anything that is awesome beyond comprehension. Much like the 90's term "filth" and the 80's term "bad".
1. I don't know how you bang your girl mate, she's squalid.
2. Mate, your girl is hot... I bet she's totally squalid in the sack.
by Dude Man December 29, 2004
close conncection to valid. General term of approval or agreement with something. Originated partly from Khalid Achtar.
The Rose and Crown are serving free bevvies today - squalid
by Goive January 09, 2005
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