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1. Disgusting, revolting, dirty, foul.
2. (Slang) Anything that is awesome beyond comprehension. Much like the 90's term "filth" and the 80's term "bad".
1. I don't know how you bang your girl mate, she's squalid.
2. Mate, your girl is hot... I bet she's totally squalid in the sack.
by Dude Man December 29, 2004
11 5
Close connection to valid- yet to be used in times of exceptional pleasure. Derived from the infamous 'Khalid Akhtar'. Can often be used as squal-heed.
-Mate, wouldn't it be great if England won the world cup?
-Yes, it would be unbelievably squalid.
by Goive December 29, 2004
4 9
close conncection to valid. General term of approval or agreement with something. Originated partly from Khalid Achtar.
The Rose and Crown are serving free bevvies today - squalid
by Goive January 09, 2005
3 12