an expression meaning to run quickly or leave a dangerous area and or crime scene.
shane:hurry up dude pour more gas on!
zaky:shit cops squaggle!
by capn zaky August 22, 2007
Top Definition
Squaggling is the intense, more active form of cuddling in which a couple does everything they can to maximize the surface area of body-to-body contact which increases stimulation all over the body. To achieve squaggling status:
1) Be embraced to the point of near suffocation (if it is a true squaggle, this will feel good)
2) The appendages (arms, legs, and if you got the length, schlongs) of the squagglers should be wrapped around and intertwined with eachother
3) While it is possible to squaggle with both partners facing the same direction, the most intense squaggling occurs when the partners face eachother (a few obvious pros of facing eachother are the eye to eye and boobie to boobie contact)
4) Once an embrace is established and appendages are intertwined, hands, feet, fingers, toes, and any other body part that is able to roam and stimulate should get busy!

*NOTE: Squaggling does not involve intercourse, and although the outcome of a good squaggling session usually RESULTS in an intense shag, the terms intercourse and squaggling are distinctly different.
Squaggling is like massages, it usually turns into sex!

I love to squaggle the shit outta my man when i havent seen him in a long time!

When im tired i like to cuddle, but when im excited, feeling passionate, or horny i like to squaggle!
by JessnJosh December 12, 2006
The red squiggle under misspelled words. Most commonly seen in Microsoft Word and modern internet browsers.
Person 1: "How do you spell obsequious?"

Person 2: "I don't know. There's a squaggle under the word. Just right-click it for the correct spelling."
by WordNerd1234 March 28, 2013
(sqwôg'əl) -verb
(pronounced like "squawk" and "goggle")

1. To move over; to get out of the way
2. To go on your way
1. Give me more room, squaggle over!
2. Squaggle away.
by Akartica January 15, 2009
to laugh obnoxiously

the act of having a really annoying laugh
i hate when that girl squaggles at the lunch table everyday

listening to her squaggle makes me fall out of my seat.
by D'aris "Atlanta" Sowell March 09, 2009
to get head from a fat chick
yoooo lemme get some squaggle!!!
by dsnjginh August 04, 2007
In reference to a group of women. From the native American word "Squa" meaning vagina and the end term "-ggle" referring to many. Word first surfaced at a bar in Jacksonville, Florida by a sailor in the United States Navy.
"hey man, check out that squaggle over there."

"There sure is a squaggle of bitches in here tonight."
by Jandar78 February 08, 2010
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