1. Niggers fighting one on one with a croud watchin.

2. A Penis.
1. ex: We was in for a squaggle no doubt!

2. ex: That guys Squaggle was hangin out!
by motogurlie909 December 03, 2006
someone who chats with guys she meets over myspace or aim. who constantly disregards her boyfriend to talk to some random guy hit on him and care more about him than her boyfriend.
"boy im really sick of my girlfriend being a squaggle with that guy billy"
by AlexXx AnthraxXx February 08, 2007
1. To do what another party wishes to do; especially a significant other.

2. being carefree and lighthearted about how one spends their time.

see also squag
Verb: To squaggle

You seem to want to do that, so I'll just squaggle with you.

I think we should just stay home and squaggle tonight.
by N Fisher July 05, 2005

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