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Spirit; pluck. Considering it is also a vulgar term for semen, it is rarely used in its normal form due to the obviously easy possibility to misinterpret it.
"That athlete shows a lot of spunk on the soccer field"
"He shows a lot of spirit and determination"
by Kenthar August 10, 2003
2474 715
Refers to semenal fluid, and also means to ejaculate.
1. If you spunk on the wall, wipe it up!
2. The spunk was stuck to his ear.
by flapjacks June 10, 2003
1356 598
A colloquial for ejaculate. Mostly used in Britain.
After wanking for the first time in two weeks I need at least two handkerchiefs to wipe up all the spunk.
by Kiezpro January 20, 2005
964 513
A salty ejaculate which is devoured by "thirsty bitches" Said to be of similar taste to Roqufort blue cheese, spunk is the favourite beverage of many pornstars. Amusingly used by Australian "Sheilas" to describe an attractive man "he's a spunk", spunk is a calorie and protein dense nutritious food, which is commonly consumed by young Japanese women.
To spunk,
Spunked up,
Spunked all over,
Spunked in her mouth
Nasty spunk-filled whore
by Finesilver January 10, 2005
850 694
To spunk means to ejaculate.
"You appear to have spunked on my face."
by Cranberry pie January 16, 2007
413 274
A cute guy. Usually only NZ and Australian use.
That Brad Pitt's such a spunk
by Kiwi gal March 14, 2003
410 309
An acronym meaning Sports Utility Nutritional Energy Kick. A nutritional drink that despite a large marketing campaign, failed due to its confusion with the slang term spunk meaning semen.
Andre: I like drinking Spunk before i exercise
Rodney: That is disgusting
Andre: Not that kinda spunk!
by Andre Kluneberg October 31, 2010
201 122