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A muffin that most certainly has been ejaculated upon, therefore being tainted in a way only spunkeaters will love.
Would you like a Spunkmuffin?? its basically a muffin covered in gooey spunk???

Why yes that would be lovely, can i have some pubes to sprinkle on top??
by There isnt enough space to fit August 10, 2009
A muffin filled with spunk which can also be used as a term of endearment.
I love you my little spunk muffin
by Lara19 July 27, 2007
1: When a woman asks you to cum on a muffin for her to then eat the muffin, the cum (spunk) acting as a sort of icing to increase the taste.

2: You can call your girlfriend Spunk Muffin as a pet name if you do this with her.
1: I came on the double chocolate chip muffin instead of her face and she then proceeded to eat the spunk muffin whole.

2: Hey there my little spunk muffin, how was your day?
by Pimp-Master J May 02, 2006
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