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The dance one does when they are too drunk or high to wipe their own arse, let alone try to move with any kind of rhythmic coordination.

Related terms: doing the spung, spungin' it, getting your spung on.
Phil: I was so spannered last night!
Dave: No shit bro, check out this video of you trying to dance to Party Rock Anthem!
Phil: I hate that fucking song...
Dave: Really? Because you appear to be SPUNGING your balls off.
Phil: Shit, I'm totally doing the SPUNG.
by Lord Berrigner Furtuvius Butt March 28, 2012
Something that is so appalling and terrible that words cannot describe it
That football player is total spung, I hope he gets shot.
by Appocolyptik December 11, 2006
Male ejaculate.
That bitch swallowed all my spung.
by Scott Sheehan October 10, 2003