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A term used with affection by Devo fans to refer to fellow fans or members of the band. It is an ironic term, as Spudboy is used in several songs to refer to devolving conformists. It plays an intrinsic part in the complex, devolution via technology philosophy behind the band's music.
"I am just a spudboy, looking for that real tomato"

"You're a Devo fan? I'm a Spudboy too, YAYZ!"
by wyldesage August 21, 2011
Spudboy is a creepy little guy that wears fake tan and looks slightly like a pumpkin. He has a realy scary laugh. and throws weird fits and starts attacking people.SPUDBOY!<3
Spud boy attacked me with a pringle pot because i asked him if he loved me :(
by EllieKNEEScasey May 06, 2008
Any inbred youthful male who wears his baseball cap on backwards and masturbates in the shower while thinking of his second cousin.
What a Spudboy!
by Festus Magurk September 22, 2003

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