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non-alcoholic beverage that one would have at a club or from a vending machine. Related to crunk, which is the alcoholic version.
Person 1:"You getting crunk'd tonight"
Person 2:"No. I'm stickin to the sprunk, had too much Crunk Juice last night"
by Craymore December 06, 2004
verb meaning approximately screwed, any unpleasant action
past tense: sprunk'd
origin: a Klein High School math teacher's name
student 1:"how did that unfurry calculus test go?"
student 2:"oh, i sprunk'd up on that."
"that class is sprunking my GPA"
by ichelleo December 28, 2003
Being crunk off Sparks.
Damn, Sammy was so Sprunked last night and he only had half a Sparks!
by FabsDC December 25, 2004