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Someone who continually talks and won'd shut the fuck up and could literally continue talking if they were under wet concrete.

Generally they also suffer from verbal diarrhoea
That chick just wouldn't shut up.

yeah no shit, she could talk under wet concrete
by Davros01 July 04, 2010
Someone who is beyond an idiot
Did you see the shit Steve was doing last night?

Yeah he's such a spoon.
by Davros01 December 08, 2008
Cheap Australian thongs/Flip Flops known as double plugas for the 2 plugs visible on the sole of the thong.

Authentic Double Plugas also have dragon's moulded into the straps of the thong.

Various colours of the thongs have different meanings around building sites and are worn by different authorities

Black - Worker
Blue - Supervisor
White - Manager
Green - HSE Manager
Red - CEO (Extremely rare to find, generally this person isn't a CEO but they've searched all of Aus hard enough to find them to deserve the title)
"Mate lets go"

"Hold on I've just got to put me double plugas on"
by Davros01 December 05, 2008
Caused by the effect of drinking but occurs when you drink so much that your beyond drunk but not spastic.
"Davo, had been out drinking all day and by 9pm fuck he was sprunk and by midnight he was spastic"
by Davros01 December 08, 2008

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