Caused by the effect of drinking but occurs when you drink so much that your beyond drunk but not spastic.
"Davo, had been out drinking all day and by 9pm fuck he was sprunk and by midnight he was spastic"
by Davros01 December 08, 2008
Sprunk, a type of soda pop found in Grand Theft Auto games, especially San Andreas (but also Vice City; check out the Kaufman Cabs headquarters, there's a vending machine there) is a parody of the carbonated lemon lime drink Sprite. Sprunk comes in a grenade-shaped can hence the marketing tagline, which says it has an "explosive, bursting flavour".
Pedestrian: My heart dont pump no Sprunk!
by Malicious Matt August 18, 2005
n. The fictional beverage featured in grand theft auto: san andreas.
Sprunk is a magical elixer, availible almost everywhere, that has the magical ability to cure gunshot wounds.
Sweet: "Yo, CJ, if you get shot in the face, get some sprunk from the machine."
Carl: "I hear ya."
by Pepsi X-treme July 29, 2005
A term for being drunk on Special Brew (a UK lager that's 9% alcohol, called super-strength in the UK and malt liquor in the USA). It is associated with street alcoholics.
Dude! he was so sprunk he pissed on his own head in a shop doorway.
by HarryMinge August 10, 2012
the new definition of SPRUNG to the next level.
I'm beyond sprung, I'm sprunk!
by sprunk! December 07, 2010
A combination of being drunk and spun out at the same time.
"Damn man, I got so sprunk last night... first we was drinking Deuce 11 and then packed a fat bowl and then from there man, it was all a fuckin' blur."
by LeyNOS July 10, 2008
non-alcoholic beverage that one would have at a club or from a vending machine. Related to crunk, which is the alcoholic version.
Person 1:"You getting crunk'd tonight"
Person 2:"No. I'm stickin to the sprunk, had too much Crunk Juice last night"
by Craymore December 06, 2004

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