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To get a broom or circular pole or something similar to that shoved up your anus hole.

Made up on an army camp in april 2005
1. Bruv, that guy is gettin spruced up bad, ITS BLEEDING.. BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP
by Whitgift Lower 5th 2006 March 17, 2006
spruce n. or adj.
a slightly more highclass word for cool

cool = filler in a sentence
spruce = mhm, i hear ya and think that what you are saying is beyond average cooldom
"hey man i just banged joe's mom"
"that's cool"

"hey man i just banged joe's hot bisexual sister"
by Badass mutha fucka December 07, 2005
The Spruce, The Spruzla or The Spruce Moose are forms to describe a small shantytown where the consumption of dakka takes place on at least a twice daily basis, whilst still maintaining a floor garbage height level of no less than 30cm.
"Lets hit the djuzla for a few brews and back to the spruzla for several hot ones"
by Art Vandalay November 23, 2003
someone who has been outcast by the adolescent society by an act of humiliation (or 'sprucing').
Order of Spruce:
Spruce McGinty - lil bit of a Spruce
Spruce McGriggins - more of a Spruce (eg. ugly person workin in mcdonalds)
Spruce Baily - average Spruce
Spruce McGoy - Big Spruce (total twat)
omd, that dude over there is a total spruce McGinty
by Scrote Bag June 09, 2003
Word to describe a house or more specifically weedhouse.
"Let's go back to the Spruce."
"Let's blow this Spruce."
"Who's at the Spruce?"
"....the Spruce should be on."
by Diego June 23, 2003
another form of spruce is a Spruce Brannigans. Basically this is a little bastard who wears a back pack that is twice as big as him. Little fokkers!
"Hey you guys, check out the spruce brannigans over there! Fukin spruce!"
by Spruce Jacobs June 10, 2003
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