A hand shake type movement where the fingers of both hands flutter with the other.
Give me some sprinkles!
by Lesrenkev April 23, 2004
A person that likes cinnamon sprinkles blown in their face. Acts insane , spastic, stubborn and annoying. A egotistical prick.
Tim is acting like sprinkles again at work.
by sprinkles_hater May 05, 2011
1. A topping for dessert, usually ice cream.
2. The chillest cutest girl you'll have the pleasure of meeting. Someone that always keeps you smiling when she's around. Better than crack.
Ex 1. Dam, chocolate sprinkles on this coffee ice cream kicks ass!

Ex 2. Dam, I fucking love sprinkles, she kicks ass.
by .: Slut :. September 01, 2009
Sprinkles (n.) : A group of highly flamboyant gay men.
Key West is known for its Sprinkles

What a couple of sprinkles.
by skubaloob November 15, 2010
when you sprinkle your jizz all over a hoes face... like a water hoes sprinkler
joe:damn dude i sprinkled your girl last night bro she was licking it off her mouth.
jhon: aww u bitch so thats why her breath stunk like dick.....
by Michel angelo January 18, 2009
when you take a dump on, piss on, spit on, cum on, and cry on someone during sex, preferably at the same time.
I didn't know if Jill was crying at what she had done, or because she was just finishing the final phase of sprinkles.
by MakeCupCake June 22, 2010
Picking the nose and then sprinkling what is found in the nose over one's shoulder.
A guy in sweats, overly sweaty (really red too), picking his nose and sprinkling. These are sprinkles.
by PJ12221 September 02, 2009

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