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A loving, yet morally ambigious, act whereby an individual is wrapped in a bedsheet (or any substance/material of malleable nature) thus appearing like a 'springroll'. The protruding feet are then tickled by another person.
Sister: It is time to springroll my brother
by nappy_boy_69 July 31, 2009
1. A compact food where the contents are usually a type of meat mixed with noodles and vegetables, nicely contained in a crunchy shell.
2. Someone who is a keener and generally considered "lame".
3. A "move" used during sexual intercourse
Springrolls are much better than eggrolls.

He stayed up all night studying, what a springroll.

...And then she did a springroll!
by larry says hi October 15, 2005
A very skinny asian that uses extremely well-learned chinglish to communicate with other people.
John: Sup, Wang!
John: Can you say that more clearly?
Bob: He can't, he is obviously a spring roll.
by Its me again October 03, 2009
A girl that is so pastey white that can see her blue blood vessels through her spring roll like skin.
Hey check out that spring roll over there.
by badinvention May 28, 2010
When having sexual relations with a 'plump' lady - you essentially get your rocks off by fucking her in between her fat 'rolls'. Quite a pleasant sensation.
"Dude - I can't believe you took that behemoth home last night! Gross!"

"Na bru, It was cool, I springrolled her - was a dream!"
by Twilight Zoner November 06, 2009
When you vomit in the morning after a big night out the night before. Usually the result of drinking way too much alcohol, and being massively hungover the next day
Person 1: How'd you pull up this morning? You have spring roll?
Person 2: Nah not feeling too bad actually. managed to hold it down!
by shroom89 November 07, 2009
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