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a black hole of america. even if you leave, you get sucked back in eventually.
even though i moved away, i got "spring hill-ed" back
by trueariesbeauty June 17, 2008
synonym for hell.
you have commited too many sins, you will now be sent to spring hill.
by dragonsblood17 June 13, 2009
The town where sluts run rampid, and your boyfriend is most likely fucking a 14 year old.
Boyfriend 1: Hey, have you ever been to Spring Hill?

Boyfriend 2:Yeah, I fucked some 14 year old slut there.

Boyfriend 1: Oh.. true.
by springhillsucks January 05, 2011
City located within Florida, containing a number of elderly people and retail/fast-food chains. Despite the large population of sluts, dicks, pricks, and assholes, Spring Hill is home to some of the most creative and badass individuals around. Find some of these people, and you just might survive.
If you're planning on making a coming-of-age film, Spring Hill would be an ideal location for the main character to live.
by isthiswhereiwriteausername May 13, 2011
an awesomly fun town in louisiana.
dude, i went to springhill last night.

man..youre so cool.
by chelsearae09 April 01, 2008
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