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5 definitions by hdudytehdcmdj

consist of many neighborhoods;but it is overall the Northwest quadrant of Washington DC. The population is mainly Latinos and African Americans. But there has been many white people moving in lately
i live Uptown on Georgia Avenue
by hdudytehdcmdj May 19, 2008
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use to be a religious cathlioc area until the crack epidemic in the 80's. But now it is the most dangerous,Notorious project in Washington DC.better known as "DA BORDA", It is located at the bottom of Uptown on North Captital ST(the east/west border).It Consist of 5 Neighborhoods: sursum corda appartments, Tyler House(uptop state property Chaingang), Turkey Appatrments, Temple Court(T-Unit), and Golden Rule Appartments (901 Nolia)
i miss my manz BOB from sursum corda Cooperative
by hdudytehdcmdj May 19, 2008
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better known as "the Avenue" or some people might say "we on the avenue". the longest road in washington DC, located in uptown but it extends throughout MO County, MD. intersects with most of the neighborhoods uptown.known for drugs, gangs, prostitution, but it is especially known for their parties.
u have to goto georgia avenue for the fourth of july
by hdudytehdcmdj May 19, 2008
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is a neighborhood known for drugs and gang violence on the 3500 bolck of Georgia ave, Morton st, and Park rd (park view). located in uptown dc.
where u live at 3500
by hdudytehdcmdj May 19, 2008
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The biggest neighborhood on the east coast, located in greenbelt, MD
i live in spring hill lake
by hdudytehdcmdj May 19, 2008
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