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Its when you mix Sprite & Dr. Pepper. It's not always a good thing usually gross. It describes someone who is not a "Heather"/Plastic (from mean girls)

coined by the Drag Queen 'Carmen Carrera' who was a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 EP 12
Ugh that girl is such a sprepper!
by CmeDiG April 05, 2011
A mix of Sprite and Dr. Pepper; it's sweet, but DEFINITELY doesn't taste good.
OMG! You're such a sprepper sometimes!
by skunkal bungus April 21, 2011
As heard on RuPaul's Drag Race, sprepper is a mix of Dr. Pepper and Sprite. It's sweet but not that great.
Don't be a sprepper.
by suzaboo April 12, 2011
n. A "Sprepper" is a mixture of Sprite and Dr. Pepper. It's really sweet but that's not necessarily a good thing and usually leaves a bad taste in your mouth. When used to describe a person, it's an insult.
Athena: "Ugh, Aphrodite is SO annoying."

Hera: "I KNOW, she's such a Sprepper."

Athena: "Sickly sweet, I know. Trifling ho."
by coverlet April 14, 2011
a mix between sprite and doctor pepper, its sweet but tastes so wrong.
girl 1: that girl is such a sprepper
girl2: I know right
by LAJKSUDG January 27, 2012

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