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Its when you mix Sprite & Dr. Pepper. It's not always a good thing usually gross. It describes someone who is not a "Heather"/Plastic (from mean girls)

coined by the Drag Queen 'Carmen Carrera' who was a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 EP 12
Ugh that girl is such a sprepper!
by CmeDiG April 05, 2011
when you are ready to quit something but then start seeing it in a new and positive light
A week before High School was over I got Graduation Goggles. Even though I hated everyone I went to school wtih.
by CmeDiG April 11, 2011
Since you have not yet been employed full time you are not considered unemployed by the government. This describes the limbo period from when you graduate from College/University and you find a job.

Generally a "Pre-Unemployed" person moves back in with their parents and works odd jobs until a career in their field of study is found.

It is usually a soul crushing period of ones life.

In recent years due to the Recession the number of "Pre-Unemployed" people has grown tremendously.
Thank god I got a job offer before graduation, My sister didn't and she has been Pre-Unemployed for almost a year.
by CmeDiG April 05, 2011
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