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A pushy, ambitious person who walks around you up the escalator and isn't content to wait in line with everyone else. A pejorative term possibly first coined in Moscow where the metro escalators are especially long and walking up them is a tireless endeavor.
Guy 1: Geez, these morons are rushing me up the escalator! Can't they see its like a mile long?!
Guy 2: Just let 'em go by. They must be official "sportsman".
by Legally Pumped December 14, 2012
generally used to describe someone (i.e. "he's being a real sportsman," or "I was a sportsman all day today") who is holding back a shit, and is consistently busting farts, all the while holding in the shit, which then evolves into a turtle head.
Nick was a real sportsman today while he was at work.
by cullen March 23, 2004
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