Descriptive of a player, who's slick, and all about himself, confident. A nick name for a dude who's got it going on, or thinks he does
" Yo, you look like da king napster of porn sport coat, you dog!"
by Hasbro July 17, 2006
Top Definition
(Also Sport's Coat)

A guy who is screwing your girl while you are away, especially in prison. See "Jody"
Your girl comes to see you on the weekend, but Sport Coat is fucking her during the week.
by Rony Rone December 10, 2009
is any guy your girl might go out with while you are locked up in the county jail or prison.
Yeah, Mugsy is all pissed off because he found out his girl is out with sportcoat.

Man, you better write your girl a nice letter before she hooks up with sportcoat.

You know sportcoat is out there schemin' because you locked up, cuz.
by Aquaman 004 April 27, 2007
What the biggest pimps wear when they are looking fresh.
Yo, thats a pimped skizzed sport coat playa.
by Brian Hamilton June 16, 2006
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