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When a couple is laying chest to back (spooning) under a blanket, and the "little spoon" farts, the smell is channeled by the cavity between the two bodies, blanket, and bed directly into the face of the "big spoon."
I refuse to snuggle with my girlfriend after sex anymore. I'm afraid she'll wind up spoon feeding me a broccoli fart again.
#dutch oven #covered wagon #fart #spooning #little spoon #big spoon #relationships #comfortable #snuggling
by Anarch0n August 14, 2010
The act of surprisingly inserting you're penis into the girl whilst spooning.
Dude, I totally snuck in some spoon feeding with Rachel last night
#suprise #butt #sex #snuggle #sneaky
by AirHarrison September 29, 2010
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