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When a couple is laying chest to back (spooning) under a blanket, and the "little spoon" farts, the smell is channeled by the cavity between the two bodies, blanket, and bed directly into the face of the "big spoon."
I refuse to snuggle with my girlfriend after sex anymore. I'm afraid she'll wind up spoon feeding me a broccoli fart again.
by Anarch0n August 14, 2010
The period of time between Christmas and the New Year. Often used to express disdain for that time. See taint.
My whole family is coming over for Taintmas to drink me out of house and home.
by Anarch0n December 26, 2005
To take a picture of one's self at arm's length or with the aid of a mirror.
I had to photobate most of my profile pictures. It seems like I don't have any friends.
by Anarch0n February 05, 2012
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